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The Studio

The People

At Voicegarden we deal with all aspects of audio production:


- TV and Radio Advertising                                        

- Audio for corporate video                                       

- Audio presentations                                                 

- Documentary audio production                           

- Interactive Voice Response IVR

- Message on hold                                                                    

- Training Presentations & Web Audio


Would you like to produce your script from where you are?

Voicegarden has phone patch and Skype so you can listen in.
In most cases files are delivered using Dropbox which provides a fast, secure service straight to your computer or device.
Every Voicegarden production is archived free of charge, so years later it is possible to access and revise your recording.
Voicegarden Digital Sound Studio began in 2002, and all files are still available.











Dean is an award winning sound engineer who has spent countless hours sliding faders

and pushing buttons for various networks.

His career highlights include:

 - 25 years of radio production for regional stations NEW FM, 2HD, NXFM, KOFM and metro station 2UE

 - 4 years as comedy producer for The Chasers and The Mike Carlton Drive Program on 2UE

 - Live audio for the Ray Hadley Call Team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics

 - Winner of Best Documentary for 'The Last Anzac' at the 2003 ACRA's

Dean is also a musician and spends most of his down time looking for that perfect guitar sound. He performs regularly around Newcastle as part of the duo MacReid with his partner Amanda.

Dean joined Voicegarden in 2014 and now drives the ship. He's the guy who answers the phone and then twiddles the knobs to turn your written words into audio reality.


The Gear

Voicegarden has its own in-house recording booth equipped with Neumann KM 100 condensor microphones, delivering the crystal clear professional sound that the studio has become renowned for.

The control room is equipped with a 16 channel Soundcraft mixing desk and high end Mackie studio monitors which provide the depth and clarity necessary for any size project.

Voicegarden uses Pro Tools to mix, which is the industry standard and utilises the high quality Waves plug-ins to give your sound the extra edge it needs to stand out from the crowd.


Audio files can be provided in any format (wav, mp3, aiff etc) for all audio production needs.

All TV audio is provided OP59 compliant which is the national standard for television.



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