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The Voices

Voicegarden offers a wide range of local and national voices to suit all project needs.

Feel free to browse our selection below and if you still can't decide, give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.



Nicknamed ‘The Chameleon’ Adam adapts to his surroundings taking on any roll and brief with direction.

Voices Australia wide and Internationally. Superb character actor, hard sell, soft sell, warm sell, natural, blokey sell and accents.


Andy has been a voice artist for well over 20 years. 

He's versatile and can do soft to hard sell, natural, to crazy if needed.

Andy will follow direction,  but can self direct...and get it right!

Paulie Buckman Headshot 2022_edited.jpg

For over 3 decades Paulie has been communicating to a wide audience. From On-Air on Radio, both Country and Metro stations to writing radio copy.Paulie enjoys bringing scripts to life with tone and inflection, whether it be warm conversational, retail, to corporate and character.


Cathy is a truly versatile artist with 23 years experience. Smooth, natural reads to gutsy hard sells, she does it all - including character work. Cathy’s experience ranges from TV, radio and cinema to messages-on-hold and long-form narration. Clients include Audi, Heinz, Officeworks, McDonalds, Bakers Delight and Helloworld.


After 30 years as a professional radio presenter, and almost 20 years as a professional actor (mostly at the same time) Garth can pretty well nail any style read. From retail to completely natural. He also does a wide range of accents and impressions.


With 20+ years experience as a radio/television voice actor 

Jackie can create the feel you need to reach out and connect with your clients/customers offering versatility for corporate to commercials, e-learning and narration.



Have been working in the media industry for over 25 years, the majority of which as a voice talent. Can deliver a variety of reads – Image, commercial, accents and animation, corporate narrative, audiobook and eLearning. Voice range 20's to 40's however can vary outside as a character accent if needed.

Warm, versatile, persuasive, smooth, friendly and bright. A range of styles from ultra smooth to one of the best in hard-sell retails. He can also offer you fast-turnaround and same day service in just a few hours if required.


From a trusted confidante to an evil megalomaniac, Jaye's versatile range can deliver warmth and sincerity one minute and mayhem the next. With a vast experience in commercials, promos, narrations and animation, Jaye can deliver just about anything.


"Mr Versatile" is a highly regarded voice artist who has voiced thousands of scripts for many satisfied clients.. He is a master at hard sell but more than capable to voice warm,  friendly styles, corporate narrations, training,videos, animation, to national television and radio commercials.


The young effervescent voice you've been searching for. From hard sell to conversational, caring and nuturing or characters and accents, Jacinta's 8 years in radio means she can handle anything thrown at her with proven results.


John offers extremely versatile delivery. Young, Middle-Aged, Friendly, Corporate, Documentaries/Narration, E-Learning, Character Voices, and more! These traits, combined with professional training in Australian, USA and UK accents, make John a great all-rounder.


Kaaron has been a voice over recording artist for over 30 years. Her experience ranges from radio and television commercials to training videos, telephone on-hold messages and pa announcements. Her voice style extends from soft and experienced to strong and persuasive.


"The friendly young male voice you'd play for your mother". From smooth and relaxed to "in your face" hard sell, Matt makes every read believable. A bit of a comedian and actor, Matt loves mucking around with characters, accents and mimicking other voices.


Easily directed, a joy to work with. Nick can play your best mate, your angry worst enemy or anything in-between that you had in mind. His crisp, friendly tone has been honed through years of breakfast radio as a host and actor in audio sketches.


Paul is an actor and voice over artist with over 30 years experience. He has appeared in 6 feature films, worked as a radio announcer Pauls voice is the quintessential aussie bloke, from old prospector to city CO, gruff and grumpy to warm and convincing


Karina's voice can be heard across Australia on TV, Radio, Cinema and online. She has provided voice overs for Harvey Norman, Domayne, Blockbuster, Storage King, Best and Less and more. Warm, friendly and full of smile, Karina has the ability to give all reads that personal touch.


From the warmth of soft sell, through mid range, characters and accents to the shock and awe of hard sell and screamers... Mike does it all.

Commercials, docos, on hold messages and corporate training videos, even on camera presentation.


The direct truth Nicole conveys in any role is distinctively memorable. Her amazing resonant and sultry voice can be heard on commercials, to recorded trainings and her favourite animation in Australian, British or American accents. 


In a previous life as Creative Director for radio station New FM, Pete was heard on countless ads for the station as well as local TV. His distinctive voice lends itself to most styles from hard sell retail to corporate videos with the odd character voice thrown in.

Aside from Voice Overs for all requirements, Todd is a qualified certificate 4 training specialising in media training and presentation skills..

He also is available for TVC roles.


Mitch has a friendly inviting voice that can sell anything from a toothbrush to a prestige car. A prominent talent in the industry that can adapt to any style of read needed.


Young, energetic female voice. Olivia is versatile and can range from  warm, smooth and sophisticated-perfect for a corporate read to bright, sparky and preppy-perfect for a retail  or hard sell read.


Adept at both strong hard /retail reads and softer imaging style commercials with a warm mature voice.

Hard & loud, soft & smooth and everything in between.

Sam has 45 experience in the Media, He records Radio and TV commercials from soft to hard sell reads.

He also records doco's and many Awards Presentions.

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